Paper Log House by Shigeru Ban and VAN

Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning architect Shigeru Ban has created a prototype for a temporary house that he plans to roll out in Morocco following this month’s devastating earthquake.

The structure is the latest iteration of Ban’s Paper Log House model, which he developed as a quick-to-construct and affordable shelter for victims of natural disasters.

Shigeru Ban has created a Paper Log House prototype in Morocco
Shigeru Ban has created a Paper Log House prototype in Morocco

Paper Log House was created by Shigeru Ban Architects with Voluntary Architects’ Network, the non-governmental organisation (NGO) that he founded in 1995.

It is to be rolled out in Morocco following the 6.8-magnitude earthquake on 8 September, which claimed over 3,000 lives and caused significant damage to buildings including schools and heritage landmarks.

The prototype was installed at the National School of Architecture of Marrakech

In an Instagram post, VAN shared images of the prototype’s construction, revealing the use of cardboard tubes – a feature that gives the structure its name.

It is currently on show at the National School of Architecture of Marrakech, with which Ban’s team collaborated on the build.

The cardboard tubes form the columns of the Paper Log House, supporting prefabricated wooden panels that are arranged to form the walls, floor and roof. These elements were raised above ground on a base formed of plastic beer crates filled with sandbags.

Ban presented the project yesterday at the National School of Architecture of Marrakech, where he also gave a lecture to share his expertise in providing disaster relief.

He remains in Marrakech today with the aim of visiting and assessing areas affected by the disaster and identifying potential sites to install the structures.

Interior of temporary shelter in Morocco
It is formed with cardboard tubes

Ban has been working on sites of natural disasters for over 30 years and he established VAN in 1995 to support his disaster-relief projects.

The Paper Log House model was originally created in the wake of the Great Hanshin earthquake in 1995 in Kobe, Japan, and has recently also been installed in Antakya for use as a school building following the 2023 Turkey–Syria earthquake.

VAN is also known for its Paper Partition System that offers privacy to people living in temporary shelters. Similarly to Paper Log House, it makes use of cardboard tubes and is designed to be quick and cheap to construct.

It was recently installed across temporary shelters in Europe housing Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion, as well as in accommodation for victims of the Turkey-Syria earthquake.

Following the quake in Morocco earlier this month, UNESCO said it is supporting local authorities in its efforts to rebuild schools and heritage landmarks.

The photography is courtesy of Shigeru Ban Architects.

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